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Filming vérité documentaries is my forte, observing actions unfolding through my lens. I love travelling light with my own reliable Sony FX6 on easyrig or handheld, always ready to capture the important moments.

I also have experience filming with Sony Venice, Sony FS7, Sony FX9, Sony FX3, Sony F5, Canon C500, C300, C100, Arri Amira, Red Komodo, Red V-Raptor, Blackmagic pocket 6K and the various Sony mirrorless and Canon DSLRs.

My directing background has greatly helped me collaborating with various directors across different cultures, understanding their visions. Editing my own work has allowed me to learn from mistakes, constantly improving my camera skills.


I'm building myself to become a great observational documentary cinematographer with an impeccable instinct for great story telling.

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