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Teresa Directing & Cinematography reel

"Hatred of humanity and love of animals make a very bad combination"

Konrad Lorenz

This quote was imprinted in my head at a young age, leading me to study social anthropology - foundation upon which I place my videocamera, exploring human-animal interactions and coexistence around the world.

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 3_edited_edited

Director & DP from AbelCine, ARRI and ASC grant

Pristine Seas

Director of Photography for Pristine Seas

Captain Paul Watson Foundation

Director of Photography for Neptune's Pirates

231003_The Awakening of the Vietnamese Elephant_Poster Orizontal

Director, DOP & Editor for Animals Asia

The Mahout

Director, DOP & Editor for Animals Asia

Inside the Global Underground Wildlife Trafficking Market

Director Of Photography for VICE News

UncleMax & Draken

Director, DOP & Editor

Mother Crocodile

Director & DOP

Through Their Eyes - Documentary Series

Director, DOP, Editor

Fight Dog Meat

Director, DOP, Editor for Fight Dog Meat

Australians About: Covid-19_ABC Iview

Director Of Photography for ABC Australia


Director, DOP, Editor


Director of Photography for USO, Poland

My Dog & I

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

The Migrants - Vietnam

Director & DOP for RICE Content & Media


Director for Sydney Film School

Saigon: City of dreams series

Cinematographer for RICE Content & Media

Saigon: City of dreams series

Cinematographer for RICE Content & Media

Vietnamese Mint Honey

Director, DOP, Editor

Kingdom - Beat Poetry Music Video

Director Of Photography for Sydney Film School

Im Coming Home

Director & Editor for Sydney Film School

DingoDen Animal Rescue

Director, Cinematographer, Editor for DingoDen Animal Rescue

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